"When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours." - Stephen F Roberts

Other Freethought Links

...Here's my collection of important freelink places and people across the net. Take a few and peruse these pages and see what they have to offer. In particular, the Internet Infidels is an invaluable resource for the freethinker or aspiring freethinker.

Atheism Links

The Internet Infidels
The most amazing freethought / atheist site on the net! If you have any questions about atheism, treat this site like a huge FAQ.
The Pledge Restoration Project
Restore the Pledge of Alegiance to the way it was meant to be, before paranoia and the red scare destroyed it in 1954.
Positive Atheism
An excellent 'zine collecting stories, references and general news about the atheist community in an attempt to spread the good news of atheism.

Evolution related links

The BBC's evolution page
An excellent and very thorough page on evolution. archive
This link is full of papers documenting observed speciation, facts about evolution and information on the scientific evidence supporting evolution and why there really is no debate. In particular, I recommend Introduction to Evolutionary Biology.
Frequently Encountered Criticisms in Evolution vs. Creationism
Revised and Expanded! Lots of common questions on evolution answered.
Creation/Evolution poll
National Science foundation's poll on the nation's opinion on the C/E debate.

Support and groups

Losing my Religion
A support site for those leaving Christianity.
#Christian/Debate Home Page
Home page for the IRC channel #christian/debate.
Darwin Fish!
Get yourself a Darwin Fish! (and other fun fishes!)

Skeptical Resources

Skeptical Review
A managzine devoted to proving that the bible is not inerrant. An excellently done paper. Should be required reading for anyone who thinks the bible is the inerring word of god (or who laughs at those who make that claim).
Has Science Found God?
Examing the Evidence from Modern Physics and Cosmology
The founding fathers were not xtian
Writings, essays and other evidence that this nation was not founded on the bible.
Christianity compared to Schitzophrenia
An interesting comparison to the two concepts.

Other Resources

Adult Christianity and Landover Baptist Church
Two very good religious satire sites.
The Fallacy of the Fool
Just a few of the errors of Psalm 53:1: "The fool has said in his heart, 'There is no God'."
Fundamentalist xtianity thoroughly thrashed by their fellow xtians.
Wauism - The Religion For You
Get information on this easy, discount religion! Free membership included!
The Philosophy of Sinistar
Learn from the primal wisdom of this great sage from the 80's...
The wisdom (or lack thereof) of Publius
A clasic alt.atheism poster who has to be read to be believed... An excellent resource to show just how far someone can fall in their quest to understand and know.
Jack Chick
The best way to see the errors in fundamentalism is to look at them, and the best source for fundamental lunacy and mean spiritedness is surely Jack Chick.
Chick Comics Theater : Tossing the Damned
A great site devoted to hilighting some of the funier moments in Chick tracts. This time focusing on how 'loving' angels cast people to the pit of fire.
The Jack Chick Parody Site
Threatened with lawsuits by the one and only Jack Chick himself! Lots of original Chick-like parodies, so funny you'd think the chickster himself wrote them.

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