Atheist Ramblings - 2.2

From approximately October 1998

Perfect Deity?

...So recently, a Muslim came up with this <sarcasm>fabulously original argument</sarcasm>.

God (or Allah in this case :-) is perfect.
A thing which exists is more perfect than a thing which does not exist.
Therefore god must exist.

...Of course, that's just Anselm all over again (do a search on the Infidel's site for Anselm and you will get a dozen refs for him). Sadly, this theist seemed to really think he was the first to come up with this one... :-(

...Anyway, there are multiple problems with Anselm, but one of my favorites involves the book of Genesis.

...You see, the problem with god's perfection is that we fell. The very first book of the Judeo-Christian/Muslim holy book says god created us and that we subsequently fell from grace.

...If god were perfect, he would not have made a creation where our fall was allowed.

...Sure the theist will call "But we choose to fall. God gave us free will"... A creator that could make a creation that had free will and still wouldn't fall is better than a creator that made a creation that fell... the Judeo-Christian god cannot be perfect.

...So there it is, the seeds of their own logical missteps in their own book!

...I know my thoughts aren't new. Condensed from assorted notes on talk.atheism and the #atheism group. But I think its a good nail in that old Anselm argument's coffin.


...Just a side note on all of Apologetics, to which Anselm's argument falls.

...Apologetics is basically the field of arguments in favor of the existence of god. However, I find it strange that the word Apologetics and Apology have the same root.

...Usually, when I hear an apologetist speak, it has the ring of an apology. As if they are sorry they have to justify things, or sorry that their arguments fall short when trying to justify their beliefs.

...But I shouldn't go farther down this line, since it wont come out good (its late and I'm tired :-)... But think about it a bit, eh?