ARCHIVE - stupidity in action

Archive: Tue May 29 18:33:15 2007
Title: stupidity in action
Mood: stoopified
Music: Two Princes-Spin Doctors-Pocket Full of Kryptonite
So a company needs a copy of my mortgage for their records. They call up the mortgage company and supply all the relevant information on me so the mortgage company can believe that they aren't just cold-calling. But the mortgage company wont fax them a copy unless I first fax them a letter asking the mortgage company to send the information.

Because we all know that signed documents can not possibly be forged... (and its not like the mortgage company even has my signature on file for comparison anyway)...

So its important enough that they wont send the information to just anyone... but its not important enough to actually find out if I really care about who they send it to...

Got to love senseless rules that are followed to the letter...


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