Writing Home Page

I do not know when I started writing little stories down. I know I have always spun strange stories in my head, and can not really remember a time I didn't write at least some of them down.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of my writings are lost to trash piles, lost notebooks, scribbled margins, or faded manuscripts (or perhaps fortunately, since the majority of those writings were crap).

The World of Fairy Storm
A fantasy story/RPG setting.
Rocket Ship X-4
Short stories written in the style of 50's pulp sci-fi
Shenzi and Her Tail
How Shenzi got to be a kitten without a tail.
Gray Goat's Big Adventure
Gray Goat started as a little story about a farm and ended up more of a kid's story than much else.
Life just is...
A stream-of-consciousness story that took on more of a life of its own.
Of my writings, this one is one I want to go back and explore most
Tilland's Journeys
Many moons ago when I was active in the Adult Fans of Lego community, I wrote a short story and illustrated it with Lego.
Unfortunately, I have long since lost the web-pages it was saved to and the Internet Archive did not keep a full copy, so most of it is lost to time... :-(
Snippets of stories
Scenes, story bits, ideas, fragments.
Most of these will never be more than a few scattered sentences, but I want to save them somewhere so they have a bit of hope
Most of my writings are half-formed ideas and scenes. Occasionally they resolve themselves into full stories.