Gray Goat

The stories of Gray Goat started one day after I read a short story about a farm. The story reminded me of my time on our little farm and our chickens and cows. I remembered our neighbor's little goats. I never messed with them much, but I vaguely remember them wandering around the neighbor's yard.

The first story of Gray Goat (Gray Goat's Big Adventure kind of pulled some of my adventures running around our cow's field and down to a little stream that ran in a connected field. I imagined Goat getting lost and walking home along the little road that ran beside the fields (the road was dirt in reality, but I liked the idea of asphalt being hard black mud to the goat).

The other stories just came out of thinking what Goat would do in his little world. Another abandoned project... maybe someday I will do more with it.

Gray Goat's Big Adventure
Gray Goat and the Kids From Up The Street
Gray Goat in a Thorny Situation
Gray Goat and the New Field
Gray Goat and the Rainy Day

Writing GrayGoat