ARCHIVE - Valedictorian speaks about god, is surprised that people are upset

Archive: Thu May 31 01:11:48 2007
Title: Valedictorian speaks about god, is surprised that people are upset
Mood: annoyed
Music: What's the Frequency Kenneth?-R.E.M.-In Time: the Best of R.E.M. 1988-2003
Here it is that I thought valedictorians were supposed to be smart. Seems this one didn't get the memo about people not caring to be prostelytized during their own graduation.

She tells a captive audience all about how her god will save them and if they dont believe they will regret it.

Not surprisingly, some people didn't care for the message.

Typically, the christians don't get it. In response, she shows no understanding about what she did wrong or why its a problem. As usual, they are unable to put themselves in other's shoes.

If a muslim had spoken about the glory of Allah, or an atheist said a word about lack of belief being good, there would have been a firestorm of fury about people being "anti-christian". But if a christian says it, she is simply speaking her faith.


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