ARCHIVE - Malaysia rejects Muslim convert's bid to be recognized as Christian

Archive: Tue Jun 5 16:14:19 2007
Title: Malaysia rejects Muslim convert's bid to be recognized as Christian
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I could have sworn I commented aboot this, but I can't find a post, so I guess I just wanted to comment aboot it...

From the AP:

So apparently in Malaysia, you are declared Islamic by birth, not by choice. Guess its an easy way to make sure your religion's numbers sound better than anyone else's.

So this woman is born Muslim and when she grows up she decides she doesn't want to be Muslim anymore. Unfortunately for her, that seems to be against the law there.

A three judge panel just ruled that rather than using the law of the land, she would have to appeal to the law of Shariah, which includes rather harsh penalties for anyone who decides being Muslim isn't for them (another way to keep your numbers up, violently punish anyone who leaves the religion of peace... keeps converts down).

Yet another reason religion should not affect secular laws. A person's status should not hinge on a quirk of birth. :-/


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