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Archive: Tue Jun 19 18:36:02 2007
Title: Whaaaaaaa!!
Mood: disgusted
Music: So What-Ministry-Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste
It takes a special kind of weakness to demand death for someone who just insults you (or who you perceive as insulting you).
It takes a very small person to kill others for not agreeing with you.
And it takes a very tiny god to require his followers to kill innocents whose only crime is their country supports the work of someone who you perceive as someone who insulted you.

I'm sorry some people are upset that Salman Rushdie wrote a book they feel is insulting to them. I'm sorry their faith is so weak and their god so small they have to enforce their beliefs and their god's will through threats of violence.

But using Salman's knighthood as an excuse to blow up people is just further proof that some people's god is beneath contempt and not worthy of any of the respect they are demanding.

I just love the following quote in in a paragraph where the speaker is justifying killing innocent people:

The west is accusing Muslims of extremism and terrorism.

No, the west is not accusing Muslims of extremism and terrorism. The actions of the Muslim world does all the accusation needed. The speaker is advocating terrorism then is upset when people call him a terrorist???

What a tiny god he lifts up for respect... :-/


In retaliation for England knighting Rushdie, some Pakastani Scholars have bestowed the Sword of Allah on Bin Laden.

Oh yea. Yet another brilliant plan to teach the West that we shouldn't call Muslims ignorant barbaric terrorists! If we call them terrorists, they will just go and reward one of the biggest terrorists and mass-murderers in recent history!


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