ARCHIVE - What's on my mind...

Archive: Mon Jun 25 00:14:07 2007
Title: What's on my mind...

1. Your ex and you:


2. You're listening to:
A fire crackle

3. Maybe I should:

Have a Beer...
Ever get the feeling that you really want a drink, but you don't bother to get one??? I've been like that for weeks now.

4. I love:

The little things that make each day worth looking at...

5. My best friend(s):
Well, here's one of those times when I wish I had a best friend... Lots of good friends and people I like, but no one I would call a best friend...

6. I don’t understand:
Too much.
But I guess if I understood everything, it wouldn't make life interesting anymore.

7. I have lost my respect for:
People who choose to be ignorant, or who wear ignorance as some kind of badge.

8. I last ate:
A handful of chocolate covered peanuts.

9. The meaning of my display name is:
Depends on where you read my display name...
But since the question asked, I will elaborate on my most common display name: "wubwub".
Many many many moons ago we were having a discussion in a chat room and I was trying to describe a kind of "drop" sound my computer made when I clicked on things.
The best word I could use to explain the sound was "wub".
I liked the way it sounded and wrote, so I kept it.
Its been my most common display name for the past 10+ years.

10. God:
I've been an atheist for at least the past 20 years... kinda scary, that realization

11. Someday:
The pain will end

12. I will always be:
Curious, horny, and an idiot.

13. Love seems to:
be elusive and yet ever present.
Love for someone else is toleration of all the little annoying things they do every day, and the realization that they tolerate those things in you.
Love is not the grant deep expression of undying desire.
Love is found in all the little things you do in life - making dinner, picking up the paper, watering the plants, shopping for groceries - all the little minutia that makes up life. It is doing those things with someone else and not worrying that they will be there tomorrow to do all the things again.

14. I never ever want to lose:
I have lost so much and found a way to get what I need back.
There is too much I would never want to lose again.
Yet I know that even if I lost everything, there would be more to life and there would be another day to life and find something new.

16. I get annoyed:
By the little things that get in the way of my just being.

17. Parties:
I love parties, but I never get to go to them anymore. Which is prolly for the best.

18. Simple Kisses:
Sometimes are all you get.

19. Today:
Is another day

20. I wish:
I didn't have to commute more than an hour to get to work.


01. is your hair wet?

02. is your cell phone right by you?
No... not quite sure where it is.

03. do you miss someone?
Too much.

04. are you wearing chap stick?
No. Don't care for the stuff.

05. are you tired?

06. are you wearing pajamas?
I don't wear pajamas :-)

09. are you upset?
I try not to get upset. It is a fact of life tho.


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