ARCHIVE - So dont ask for money here...

Archive: Tue Jul 3 01:33:57 2007
Title: So dont ask for money here...
Mood: worried
So don't ask here. And no, I really don't have any idea how to ask people for money or help. But you should know who your friends are (one of them here :-)

Maybe private email people who offered help and ask if they meant it and what they would be willing to do... ask for even simple help like just buying you a book to read from amazon. or maybe find a way they can order you a pizza while you are recooping (lots of pizza places let you pay by card). there are _lots_ of little ways people can show their love and help that dont involve sending lots of money.

I honestly dont know how you can word such a request, but trust me, real friends will understand how hard it is to even ask and will gladly do what we can.

Tell me where to send the pizza and flowers and let me at least help you that much :-)


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