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Archive: Wed Aug 1 15:17:52 2007
Title: More on Jesus vs the ACLU
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I was going to just cut and paste the link into my local forum but I ended up writing some commentary which I'm posting back here.

Jesus vs the ACLU

These kinds of stories get so boring...

The usual fundamental person puts up his religious items in a public place. The usual response from the ACLU and non-fundies. The usual indignation from other fundies who act all surprised that anyone might be offended or feel like second-class citizens...

"[The ACLU is] one of the worst attackers of religious speech in America," Gary McCaleb, senior legal counsel for the ADF, told ABC News.

Really?? I guess he just ignores cases where the ACLU fought for religious expression (just google for more).

It doesn't seem to occur to the fundies that by posting their beliefs they are implicitly making second-class citizens of non-fundies. When a Muslim or Pagan or Satanist or Atheist goes into a court that has a big display of Jesus and other Christian paraphernalia they can't help but wonder if they will really get a fair shake. How can the law blindly judge only the law if it has to be interpreted through a religious lens?

You don't need to look far to find cases where non-Christians were judged for being non-Christian, not on the law. I'm not saying that judges and lawyers and politicians can't be full-fledged bible-thumping born-againers. I don't care what they believe in the off-hours. But when it comes time to check-in to work, they are supposed to be supporting the law, not their beliefs (and especially not their beliefs on what the law "should be"). And that law should be fair to all, not just their chosen faith-buddies.


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