ARCHIVE - Time to saw South Carolina off from the US and set it free

Archive: Tue Aug 7 23:52:54 2007
Title: Time to saw South Carolina off from the US and set it free
Mood: depressed
South Carolina wanted out, perhaps its about time?

Sometimes when people ask where I'm from, I just dodge the question. I don't like admitting that I spent much of my youth in S.C., especially with groups like Christian Exodus doing all they can to promote the state.

So what'd South Carolina do this time? Lawmakers turned down a request for extra financial help to send more low-income students to public colleges... and in the same breath, approved more public money to send students to the private fundy school, Bob Jones U.

Bob Jones, the school who's student rules would be laughable if they weren't true (I've personally witnessed the slow march of couples after dinner... since after dinner is the only time couples are allowed to walk together and hold hands).

So, once again, thumbs up to South Carolina for again demonstrating that the South is in a race to turn the clock back as fast as possible...


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