ARCHIVE - Doctor Who - 3x10 - Blink

Archive: Thu Aug 16 02:05:57 2007
Title: Doctor Who - 3x10 - Blink
Mood: mellow
Just re-watched the Doctor Who episode Blink and what a great episode. I wont waste time doing a synopsis, since that can be found on other pages, suffice to say that this episode had lots of great non-linear elements, psychological scares and foreshadowing.

What really made this episode work was some great tight writing and some good characters pulled together with excellent directing. The story is pulled out smoothly, hinting at what is coming and keeping you on your toes, and the execution style with the statues that move off camera makes for lots of surprises and spooky moments, especially the non-moving chase scene near the end of the episode (the flashing light / jumping angels scene really brought you into the fear of the moment without overpowering).

My favorite aspect of the episode was the mind-game the director/writer played with us. Without resorting to too many "Boo!" moments, they still managed to create palpable tension and suspense by playing more on our knowledge of what <em>could</em> happen like a good mind-game should.

Doctor Who has really hit its stride and they are totally using their talent and our expectations and still hitting us with new directions without losing their stone base.

Totally 9 toes up.


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