ARCHIVE - A few freelink posts today

Archive: Fri Aug 24 15:33:12 2007
Title: A few freelink posts today
Music: Corrosion - Ministry
Mother Teresa was an atheist

In a new book that compiles letters she wrote, it seems clear that Mother Teresa lost her faith early in her work and never gained it back. Her letters show her questioning if god exists and a deep longing for the faith she used to have. She even eventually stopped praying to a god she doubted existed.

Strangely, these letters are helping the Vatican prove her Sainthood... Go figure...

Atheistic Societies are Happy Societies

A study is correlating a strong correlation between societal health (high education, low homicide, sexual equality, low illiteracy, high freedom) and a lack of belief. The more people didn't believe, the better off society was in general. Correspondingly, the more believers in a nation, the worse off they are...

And to wrap it up:

A good article on the IHS website titled I Say "Atheist," for Several Good Reasons. Give it a read.


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