ARCHIVE - Some bits on the Blasphemy Challenge

Archive: Wed Aug 29 19:47:12 2007
Title: Some bits on the Blasphemy Challenge
Mood: curious
Music: Words, Hands, Hearts - Yellowcard
I've been slack and haven't gotten around to joining The Blasphemy Challenge, but I like their approach.

So I looked forward to watching this youtube link. The FauxNews anchor just loses it trying to grasp the concept. Its funny to watch him get all offended but unable to really articulate a good attack. He gets so upset that they are "attacking" Christians (don't forget, you've got to remind the flock they are always under attack). Funnee stuff.

Of course, there are some slightly more positive stories about the challenge. ABC News did a piece on it... tho even they just got it wrong.

At one point they have a minister telling us how "dangerous" it is to tempt god like this, but they just miss the point that he actively encourages Christians to tempt other gods all the time by denying that other gods exist. The anchor even tries the old Pascal's Wager, but the Rationalist Response Squad isn't having any of it.

But the story let the Squad have the last word. The Squad says they will let anyone come to the table and compare notes: their faith vs. the Squad's facts and reason and see who comes out better.


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