ARCHIVE - Well, I sure feel safer now...

Archive: Fri Sep 7 14:45:33 2007
Title: Well, I sure feel safer now...
Mood: ugh
HSA has this wonderful out-of-control terror list that has been supreemely good at annoying and delying 70-year olds, infants, world leaders, senators and basically everyone.

Seems the list left off the important people tho, like the terrorists it was supposed to be looking for.

So while our rediculous country is busy wasting time on meaningless threats like carding 65 year-olds and filing felony charges against kids who put swiss army knives in their cars, some of the more dangerous roving terrorists can wander past border guards without even bothering to get fake IDs...

And now that I think about it, I remember an article on the AP that said many of the suspected terrorists aren't even on the list! They didn't want to let the suspects know they were suspects!! So if we take out suspects we don't want to tip off and terrorists who we really don't need to worry about moving around a bunch (really, do they think Osama is going to just fly into Laguardia??), all you have left are the non-terrorist 7 year-old visitors...


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