ARCHIVE - Conspiracy-Theory-of-the-Day that sounds _really_ scary

Archive: Wed Sep 12 17:58:00 2007
Title: Conspiracy-Theory-of-the-Day that sounds _really_ scary
Mood: scared
Music: So In Love-Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark-The Best of Omd
An interesting analysis of the August 30th "accident" where some nukes were flown across the US (violating lots of treaties, laws and procedures).

The author makes a good case that the whole incident was used as a way for someone to get their hands on a warhead (6 missing nukes in ND, only 5 landed in La (or so some people claim)).

I've been wondering just which conspiracy theory would win out as true, I've given up trying to feel that there's no depth the current parties in power wouldn't sink to. This one has the advantage that it would be a real spectacular payoff...

If this one does turn out true, I just hope the idiots behind it at least don't blow up DC... I need my job and don't want them to hurt all the nice monuments. I would not be surprised at LA being a target (those pesky anti-family commies).

Poll for likely target???

So when the nukes start flying, don't go claiming you didn't know.

now I need my tinfoil hat


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