ARCHIVE - Can't I just leave well-enough alone???

Archive: Mon Sep 17 23:42:15 2007
Title: Can't I just leave well-enough alone???
Mood: depressed
Ugh... So I've got one of those clear protector screens on my iPod. It was on perfectly, no bubbles all nice and smoothe... but just a tiny bit off, not quite squared with the sides.

If I were sane, I would have just left it alone. But nooooo... the slight off just bugs me and bugs me until I have to try and fix it... which, of course, didn't work :-/

So now its lined up nicely, but there are a couple little tiny bubbles from where a couple grains of dust got stuck to the sticky side of the film and try-as-I-might I couldn't get them off :-(

I figure now I've got to drop by the store and pick up a new set of protectors and maybe apply them with a straight edge in a dust-free environment... Maybe it'll be good enough that I won't keep messing with it.


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