ARCHIVE - AT&T now plans to prorate cell-phone termination fees

Archive: Wed Oct 17 19:22:09 2007
Title: AT&T now plans to prorate cell-phone termination fees
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What a surprise here... Just as Congress gets ready to force them, the cell phone industry is starting to actually care about its customers. In this case, AT&T is going to start prorating early termination fees, claiming that they want to make it more flexible for the customers.

What bullshit. For decades now the companies have charged the full amount even if you terminate 1 day before the end of the contract. They would have been more than happy to keep doing that till the end of time. They are not in the least bit caring about their customer's wants, they are just trying to do whatever they can to keep Congress from doing what it should have done a _long_ time ago. It is only now that Congress is about ti finally step in and reign in rediculous fees that the industry is starting to see the light and start behaving.

Well, hopefully Congress won't be culled by these weak face-saving attempts and will actually force some regulations on the oligarcy.


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