ARCHIVE - Observations on pain

Archive: Sat Oct 20 23:01:00 2007
Title: Observations on pain
Mood: pained
You know, you really take coughing and sneezing for granted.. You don't think about it much... until you crack your ribs. Then you dream of the good-old-days when you could just freely cough to clear your throat.

You also learn to be very careful when you drink or eat. The last thing you want is to get something "down the wrong pipe" (intelligent design there with the mixed food and air pipes).

Earlier today I took a sip of water and it got caught... so there I was trying to cough without taking a deep breath. I sounded like I was in lamaze, lots of little breaths trying to dislodge the tickle. Ended up coughing anyway and had to lay out on the sofa to recover.


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