ARCHIVE - A touching Halloween story...

Archive: Fri Nov 2 19:00:07 2007
Title: A touching Halloween story...
Mood: teary
Music: You Spin Me Round-Dead Or Alive
Meant to post this on Halloween, but I'm slack, so eh...

Anyway, Mini-Wub decided he wanted to go this year as Luke Skywalker. No prompting from me! I was kind of surprised what with Pokemon and all the other things he watches. But its great to know Star Wars is still an influence on him.

So he gets his costume (he had to settle for Anakin since they were out of Lukes, but he was ok with that). He digs out his lightsaber and wants me to put new batteries in it so it can glow. Unfortunately, its dead and even batteries wont get it back running. But I did get a red one to work.

Now few would have challenged him on his choice of saber color. His costume was good and whatever saber he chose would have been a nice finishing touch. Not to mention, the glowing one would have been nicely visible in the Halloween twilight.

When faced with the cool, glowing and sound effect equipped red light saber and the dead blue one, he chose the blue one.

He said he had to choose the blue one because only the Sith uses red ones.

My son chose authenticity over the nifty glowing saber.

Maybe you just had to be there, but to a geek dad, it bought a tear to my eye...


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