ARCHIVE - The whole system is rigged against us...

Archive: Mon Dec 24 00:44:04 2007
Title: The whole system is rigged against us...
Mood: confused
Lots of things women say to guys are just traps. Add to the list: "You never get me anything special".

Well, its not that guys aren't thoughtful... we think about you all the time... But its just we don't shop in places that sell things you girls want.

Guys go to Lowe's or Best Buy. So when I'm picking up a new network drive, I might eye a nice second monitor for wubwife... but no matter how nice the new ratchet set or keyboard I get her, they just don't seem to count as good surprise gifts...

And it doesn't help that things like ring size, dress size, or bracelet size aren't engraved on a handy reference label on her ankle, or maybe colour coded so it'd be easy to pick something out while grabbing a new set of drill bits...


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