ARCHIVE - Since I'm all over LEGO right now... Steampunk Star Wars...

Archive: Tue Jan 29 14:19:10 2008
Title: Since I'm all over LEGO right now... Steampunk Star Wars...
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Well, since I've been posting so much about LEGO lately, I might as well get around to posting about the LEGO Steampunk Star Wars Contest over at From Bricks to Bothans.

I've been a LEGO fan as long as I can remember and a Star Wars fan since that first fatefull night in 1977 when the Imperial Star Destroyer thundered over me in the theater. When LEGO first licensed Star Wars a decade ago, I almost fell over myself when I first found the sets in the stores. Those beautiful first Star Wars sets were what really got me back into LEGO (much to the detriment of my overfilled basement).

As for Steampunk, that came later when I first started to read HG Wells and Jules Verne and started dreaming of a Victorian modern-fantasy where all our modern conveniences were realized in the brass and steel hand-crafted beauty of that age.

So to see three of my favorite things pulled together is almost enough to make me cry tears of joy. Oh if only some of these sets were available to buy (since I know I do not have the talent to do them myself).

Go check the contest to see a truely beautiful vision of Star Wars.

Here's a few of my faves:
Steampunk Tie Fighter

A perfectly rendered speeder:

and a beautiful Naboo Fighter


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