ARCHIVE - 1/31/06 - Never Forget

Archive: Thu Jan 31 18:22:23 2008
Title: 1/31/06 - Never Forget
Mood: sad
Music: Ghosts-Tenth Planet

It was one year ago today that idiots in Botson lost their minds and overreacted over stoopid LED signs for Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Apologists still call it a "hoax". But for it to be a hoax, the devices needed to pretend to be dangerous or the perpetrators needed to pretend to be out to cause trouble, neither of which was the case.

What we had was a silly marketing toy and a set of rules that encouraged overreaction and escalation rather than common sense and someone stopping to actually look at the devices in question. A year later and Boston officials' reactions still make the keystone cops look dignified and the fact that they still don't realize they overreacted only shows that they are painfully unprepared for the real world where sometimes things do look scary if you don't actually stop and think first.


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