ARCHIVE - Add another to my list of "Stoopidist Things Ever"

Archive: Mon Feb 4 02:54:22 2008
Title: Add another to my list of "Stoopidist Things Ever"
Mood: annoyed
For the record, I'm not watching the Stoopid Bowl... I really couldn't care less... but Wubwife flipped thru channels and decided to hang out on the game to watch the last few minutes (since nothing else was on anyway)...

So I look up and the idiot refs are pulling the "1st and 10" chain out to the middle of the field to measure where the ball is...

That has to be one of the Stoopidist Things Ever (tm)... Its not like they place the ball on the ground exactly where it landed... it can move from its grounding place by several feet one way of the other. And its not like the ref who chooses its final place doesn't just pick a spot fairly arbitrarily...

And its not like when they put the chain down in the first place the guys on the sideline aren't just eyeballing the cross line in the first place.

So add up all that inaccuracy and the idea that the chain measures anything more than "close enough" is just stoopid.


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