ARCHIVE - Saudi's arrest a business woman for having a meeting with a man

Archive: Wed Feb 6 15:43:29 2008
Title: Saudi's arrest a business woman for having a meeting with a man
Mood: disgusted
Music: Just Like Heaven-The Cure
Ah the joys of Islam... At least the Islam as practiced by a large majority of the Islamic population of the Middle East.
In the latest stoopid thing: police arrest a woman for having a business meeting with a man.
Boy these guys really want to keep the world stuck in the 1500s. Its honestly amazing they allow lightbulbs, since such devices could allow a woman to be seen by a man! Oh the horror!

Got to love it anytime any group takes it upon themselves to "protect" morality on behalf of everyone else... whether or not they want or need to be protected. And as usual in these situations, someone else being just a little bit free-er always seems to be a big problem for them and their morality. So a woman who doesn't have a problem meeting with a man becomes a problem for the thought police who always side with whatever freak has the most narrow views...

And add to the idiots above, we get news that a group wants Wikipedia to stop showing pictures of their buddy Mohammed.
Apparently they don't want to look at him, so they don't want anyone to look at him either.
Luckily, Wikimedia is telling them to fuck off... good for them.

The end result of this kind of action is that society as a whole gets dumbed down to the level of their most backwards members... to the detriment of all...


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