ARCHIVE - Morality and religion

Archive: Fri Feb 8 19:07:12 2008
Title: Morality and religion
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Once again the topic of religion and morality came up in another discussion. For no apparent reason, I decided to comment on it this time (I usually leave these kind of discussions alone since the poster is usually clueless anyway and wouldn't know the real answer if it ate his foot)...

We learn moral lessons from our parents and close friends and relatives and through trial, observation and learning. When you lie or steal, your parents and friends tend to distance themselves from you... When you tell the truth and be honest, your friends grow closer.

Here is the related question for believers: If you believe you must have religion for morality, what would you do if you suddenly discovered that you were wrong? Would you go out and start killing, lying and cheating? Or would you remain the same basic person you are now???

If you would go out and start killing and lying and stealing, then you clearly are a worse person than most atheists. We don't have your religion and yet we dont go around killing, lying and stealing.

If you would stay the same basic person you are now, then clearly your religion is not the source of your morals...

just a thought


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