ARCHIVE - Beautiful Bricks

Archive: Mon Feb 25 19:28:27 2008
Title: Beautiful Bricks
Mood: nostalgic
Music: Stigmata-Ministry
I've been slowly building a city-scape for a potential small layout. I worked on it some over the weekend and I still marvel at how crisp and perfect bricks from my childhood still are. Sure some of them have teeth marks or other signs of distress, but most of them are nearly indistinguishable from brand new bricks and they still click and hold as good as ever (and the corners are still sharp and crisp).

Its also loads fun to find old bricks and remember the sets they came with. I came across a white inner-corner 2x2 roof brick that I had stuck a small red-cross sticker on. I have no idea what the set was, but I am pretty sure the brick was used on an ambulance from around the time I was 7 or 8 or so...

And its fun building with the little wublings, knowing that they are building with some bricks that I had when I was their age. :-)


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