ARCHIVE - From the "Welcome to Last Century" files: SC ''May'' Recognize End of Slavery

Archive: Thu Feb 28 13:41:06 2008
Title: From the "Welcome to Last Century" files: SC May Recognize End of Slavery
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Seems like the SC House is finally getting around to voting on a bill that would officially recognize that slavery is over.

What I really love about this is not that it took them 143 years, but that the article emphasizes that they may get around to passing the bill. Like there's any kind of debate here or a question of whether or not slavery is over...

Now I do admit that there is no real practical reason for passing the bill. And its not like not passing the bill has any effect. But since the bill is there, who would fight against it??

I can just imagine the rednecks down there (the the-south-will-rise-again crowd) debating this bill and whether or not the Union really did free the slaves or won the war...

Honestly, I'm not sure if I would have even brought up this bill in the first place... I don't know if I'd want the rest of the world knowing that the state didn't realize slaves were free...

DISCLAIMER: I was raised in SC, but luckily, I escaped with my sanity and intelligence mostly intact.


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