ARCHIVE - Spread Freedom: Fitna the Movie: a film about Islam

Archive: Sat Mar 29 17:43:22 2008
Title: Spread Freedom: Fitna the Movie: a film about Islam
Mood: angry
Fitna is a short film about Islam. Since the film doesn't drool and fawn over Muslims, it is being called "anti-islam" and its producers are being threatened with the predictable death threats.

The threats are so bad that even LiveLeak grew concerned about the safety of some of their affiliates and they pulled their copy.

I don't know the details of the film. And honestly, I don't care. But I do care that people are getting death threats for expressing their opinion. And I also care that ignorant Muslim fundamentals are trying to force their will on others. So I'm taking my part in spreading it farther than the movie ever would have been spread if it weren't for ignorant censors. We may fear your ignorant violence, but we do not fear your little god.

Here's a link to the Google Video of Fitna.

And here's a torrent link


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