ARCHIVE - My latest brilliant idea... someone market this for me...

Archive: Tue Apr 15 16:45:56 2008
Title: My latest brilliant idea... someone market this for me...
Mood: accomplished
Music: Do I Creep You Out-"Weird Al" Yankovic
I've been enjoying using Twinkle, a location-aware Twitter client for the iPhone. It not only posts your entry with location information, but also lets you see recent tweets from whatever area you are in...

So here's my latest brilliant idea: Make a location-aware traffic alerter. You click "Traffic Sucks" and it sends a localized note. You can pull up a list of recent Sucks alerts relative to where you are so you can get a feel for how bad traffic in the area is.

Ideally it'd link into Google maps for a real-time Sucks dotter...

Somoene get on this for me...


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