ARCHIVE - Very telling quote from a lobbyist

Archive: Wed Apr 16 15:04:20 2008
Title: Very telling quote from a lobbyist
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I'm a big supporter of sunlight laws that would open up the process of legislation and make it more transparent so citizens can know just what our politicians are up to.

In this article about a sunshine law being proposed in Texas, a lobbyist makes a very telling statement

"Are we going to let the American people decide our defense policy, our trade policy, our immigration policy?"

Well, since these are all laws that affect Americans, and since those politicians lobbyists are lobbying are supposedly working for those Americans, why can't Americans know more about these laws or be given the opportunity to voice an opinion?

I've long equated lobbying with bribery and government corruption. By expressing concern for public input, he only confirms my sentiment. Lobbyists that they aren't there for our interests, but for their own and they certainly don't want us to know more about what they are doing or how badly it impacts us.


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