ARCHIVE - Pepsi-Stuff

Archive: Mon Apr 21 15:34:38 2008
Title: Pepsi-Stuff
Mood: annoyed
Music: Barely Listening-Pilot Speed
I've been collecting Pepsi-Stuff points. I figure since I'm going to drink soda anyway, I might as well get something back for it.

I've bene using them to buy a few new songs for my 'pod... But its really annoying that the songs I can get with points are restricted to a few thousand that Amazon has picked out, apparently mostly from new hits and acts with a large selection of old classics.

Well, what if I want something else?? Something that apeals to my alternative tastes or weird sensibility??? I can't use the points for just any song on Amazon I want to get.

For example, I recently stumbled across the Puppini Sisters. Amazon has a their albums and songs, but none of them are available thru the Pepsi-Points system.

Same problem with Screeching Weasels and Me First and the Gimme-Gimmes... figured out how to get those to use Points, but still cant get Puppini


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