ARCHIVE - GRRRRR... Ranting...

Archive: Mon Apr 21 16:40:59 2008
Title: GRRRRR... Ranting...
Mood: depressed
Music: With You-Linkin Park
Ok, so my boss is having another "requirements gathering" meeting with another group out there. This is good, since it means our project is getting more recognition and the more external data sources we can identify, the better off our dataset is going to be.

The problem is my boss is very stuck in the "developers develop, analysts analyse" mindset, so this meeting is just for analysts and I'm a developer. Despite the fact that there is no one who knows the data model even remotely as good as I do and the fact that I am far better at boiling down customer requests to real requirements than anyone else on our project.

So the analysts are going to get a list of what the customer thinks they want, which may not in any-way line up with what the customer really wants or with what is actually practical to implement with the current data model or the way the data model <i>should</i> be given what the customer wants done.

So they are going to develop a set of requirements and bring them to me and when I complain about it my concerns will be ignored or dismissed and we'll go forward with an unreasonable timeframe to implement something the customer likely doesn't really need and features that will not be used because the analysts didn't ask the right questions during requirement gathering. And worse there will be another round of feature requests to implement things that should have been included in the 1.0 if someone had bothered to find out what the customer actually needs.



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