ARCHIVE - What works in deconverting Christians?

Archive: Tue May 13 14:33:27 2008
Title: What works in deconverting Christians?
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What works in deconverting Christians? is an interesting analysis done by Kieran Bennett.

Using deconversion testimonies posted on Positive Atheism, Kieran disected 117 entries and distilled just what worked.

Surprisingly, Christianity itself did most of the damage. Either by confusing or conflicting answers from priests or from problems with dogma or in the Bible, Christianity served as its own worst enemy in most of the cases. Very few deconverts reported contact with atheists or atheists publications as their reason to leave their faith.

The analysis is fascinating and thorough. I hope that as more stories come out they will add to the knowledge base we have started here and help show ways we can help others.

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