ARCHIVE - Great... just what I needed...

Archive: Thu Jun 5 13:04:14 2008
Title: Great... just what I needed...
Mood: depressed
Music: A State Of Trance Official Podcast Episode 029-Armin van Buuren
So over the last several weeks I've been having mild vertigo/dizziness and occasional hot-flashes (its manopause!! Ha!). Its not been constant, but has been frequent enough to be damn annoying.

So with the help of my friend the InterTubeWebs I went digging for possible causes and ended up with the top two candidates: Hiatal Hernia and Stomach Ulcers. Both seemed fairly reasonable since I've had problem with acid reflux before, so I set out to do some self-experimentation to test my hypothesis by trying to modify my diet a bit and see if I could control when the problem occurred.

And this is where I hit upon what I suspect is the truth: that I'm developing a sensitivity to Phenylalanine (aka aspartame). Over the last two days, if I so much as drink a small cup of diet coke, I get the dizziness and "off" feeling I've been experiencing these last few weeks... :-/

I've got some more testing to do, but the timing was just too close to be mere coincidence...

Great... so now I just might be shut off from my main source of caffeine... Don't know how I'm going to survive... :-(


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