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Archive: Tue Jun 10 13:34:30 2008
Title: I just sent a letter to my Congress Being...
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Not like my voice will be heard (after all, I didn't contribute $100,000 to his re-election campaign), but I just sent a message to my Congress Being, Rob Wittman and a copy to speaker Pelosi.

Last night (6/9/8) Rep Kucinich introduced articles of impeachment for George Bush. I urge you to work to have these articles heard and treated with the respect they deserve and the respect you are bound by duty to give them.

Only a full hearing will ensure that the articles are properly handled and addressed.

If the allegations are false, then they should be scrutinized and rebutted, not just dismissed and brushed under the table. If the articles can not stand up to the light of day then only by shining the full light of Congress on them can they be dispatched.

However, if the articles withstand public scrutiny then it is your Constitutional Duty to accept them and act on them.

It is _only_ through public scrutiny that these issues can be addressed, not through back-room and under-table dealings.

Do not shirk your sworn duty. Whether or not you agree with the articles, you are bound to uphold the rules established in the Constitution and give them a fair hearing.

Write your Conress Being


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