ARCHIVE - Idiot solutions to stoopid problems: iPhone MMS

Archive: Mon Jun 30 17:49:00 2008
Title: Idiot solutions to stoopid problems: iPhone MMS
Mood: annoyed
Music: Kyau Vs Albert Falling Anywh-Paul Van Dyk
I can accept that Apple didn't include multimedia messaging in the original iPhone... Honestly I don't send too many MMSs, so I can live without it... but the way got around it is just stoopid and useless...

First you get a message with a link to a special website. Once there, you have to type in your message ID and password... but since you've now left the original message, you can't just look at it and copy, you have to remember a string of random digits!

I can't imagine many pictures worth all the hassle it takes to get them.

And then, if you look at them via a regular computer and browser, you can't save the images!!! How stoopid is that!

I'd honestly rather have no MMS capability than the pathetic kludge they provided..


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