ARCHIVE - Today's "Muslims Outraged at...." Article

Archive: Tue Jul 1 18:36:43 2008
Title: Today's "Muslims Outraged at...." Article
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Apparently converting to Islam gives you an nearly infinite supply of outrage... Today's "Outrage of the Day" brought to you by Scotland because a local police district showed a puppy on a flyer advertising their new contact number...

The puppy at the center of the scandal is a specially bred police dog and has been extremely well received by the non-insane members of the community, so of course they thought that using him on an advert would be a good idea. And it was a good idea except to the infinitely upset-able islamic communities that seem endemic in England these days....

If the advert had shown a muslim being beaten or a dead body or something like that, I would understand and support groups being offended. But if your little mythology says dogs are bad then that is your problem. Don't whine if you get upset.


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