ARCHIVE - 25% of the Country is Certifiably Insane

Archive: Thu Jul 3 13:18:23 2008
Title: 25% of the Country is Certifiably Insane
Mood: depressed
Music: Utopia-Astral Projection
Here's an old article from 1 Jan 2007 talking about a year end poll from 2006 by the AP:

But there is one number that stands out among the rest as absolutely unbelievable. Twenty-five percent of Americans believe that Jesus Christ will return to earth in 2007. TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT! IN 2007! [emphasis his]

Of course, since its the middle of 2008, clearly the prediction did not come true (for the 1977th year running), but it terrifies me that a quarter of supposedly sane people believe that crap. Its one thing to believe in God (which is a silly thing too). Its another thing to believe in a personal saviour. But to buy into the revelation/second-comming crap to the point that you are convinced that you will personally see it happen is just really too much.

Its just depressing, really.


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