ARCHIVE - Christians demand removal of 'satanic' 10 Commandments

Archive: Thu Jul 31 17:32:59 2008
Title: Christians demand removal of 'satanic' 10 Commandments
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'American Stonehenge' monument draws occult, pagan worshipers

I think I saw this structure once on a trip thru Georgia and remember reading about it once or twice before.

Seems some Christian groups are mobilizing against anyone else posting 10 commandments.

"We have atheists and Satanists getting the Bible's Ten Commandments removed from public property," said Mark Dice, spokesman for the group The Resistance, "yet the satanic Georgia Guidestones have stood for decades, and nobody seems to care. Well, we do."

The problem is, unlike the Christian 10 commandments that keep getting pulled down from public property,

 these 10 commandments are a private monument placed on private property and in no way bear an air of official government.

Unfortunately, knowing the types of people these groups attract, the monuments will undoubtedly be the victim of defacement or destruction before too long.

So if you happen to be in the outskirts of Georgia you might want to see these monuments for yourself before some religious nut takes away your freedom to think differently.


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