ARCHIVE - Today's other freelink story: The ongoing stoopidity of crackergate

Archive: Thu Jul 31 17:46:11 2008
Title: Today's other freelink story: The ongoing stoopidity of crackergate
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PZ Meyers has been involved recently in "Crackergate" where he came to be in possession of a stale cracker that some people think is extra special.

Well, now some wacky group of Catholic leaders has written a public letter condemning PZ's actions which PZ posts and criticizes.

The scary part is that this Catholic group seem to think that they are beyond ridicule because they think this cracker has magical properties and that PZ somehow "defamed" it and displayed irreverence towards their beliefs.

The Catholics are compleatly free to believe their cracker is special, but that belief does not mean that anyone else is required to treat the cracker with any more reverence than a stale saltine. And the thought that PZ has to apologize because he treated the cracker like the stale saltine it was is ludicrous.

Your religion is your own delusion, keep it to yourself. And if someone else gets ahold of something you are handing out willy-nilly, but that person doesn't treat it with the same respect as you do, that's really your problem, not theirs.

Keep up the good fight, PZ!


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