ARCHIVE - Irony Alert: Idiot Christians try to ban Fahrenheit 451

Archive: Mon Aug 4 00:48:47 2008
Title: Irony Alert: Idiot Christians try to ban Fahrenheit 451
Mood: annoyed
Fahrenheit 451 is a classic cautionary tale about the dangers of group think, censorship and the importance of reading. Ironically, a book cautioning against censorship is under threat of censorship from a group of religious nuts in Texas.

The wackos are upset because the book includes swearing (because tender high school eyes might spot a word they have never heard and we all know that adults never ever use curse words), but most horribly, the firemen in the book burn a bible! Oh the horror!!! And particularly ironic since the main character in the book makes a special effort to save the bible.

The problem started when one kid didn't like what she read, so she was assigned another book. But as is usual with these Christian wackjobs, they are imposing their rigid ignorance on others and insisting that no other kid get a chance to read the masterwork. They can't be content that the kids don't have to read it, they want to censor it so the kids can't read it.

How bout this. If you don't like the book, don't read it, but don't tell me what my kids can't read. I can make that call myself, thank you.


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