ARCHIVE - Security Theater: Border Agents Gone Wild

Archive: Mon Aug 4 01:45:16 2008
Title: Security Theater: Border Agents Gone Wild
Mood: annoyed
Well, its official: Minimum-wage, power-goons at the border can take your electronics and keep them forever, share the data with anyone they want, and never give it back... and all do any of the above without cause and for no reason at all. At least that's what the official DHS policy says.

I'm sure most agents take their work seriously and honestly believe they are doing an important job. But the policies covering them are overly broad, have no oversight, and there is no recourse for anyone caught up in the idiocity.

Billions of dollars wasted and all we have to show for it are stories of people dealing with inconveniences, random destruction and idiots at the border causing delays and trouble.


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