ARCHIVE - "De-Baptism"

Archive: Mon Aug 4 17:16:59 2008
Title: "De-Baptism"
Mood: amused
Music: Trance Tuesday #046 - Part
Atheists bond during 'de-baptism'

What a great event idea! At a meeting of atheists, have them symbolically pass under a blow dryer for "de-baptism"! hahahaha!

"Do you agree that the magical potency of today's ceremony is exactly equal to the magical efficacy of ceremonial baptism with dihydrogen oxide, and do you agree that the power of all magical ceremonies is nonexistent?" Frank Zindler, president of American Atheists, said to launch the de-baptism.

After a resounding "amen" from the audience, the first person in line yelled, "Dry me brother! I'm free!" The crowd laughed as each person squeezed his or her eyes shut and walked underneath the blow dryer.

I'll have to remember this if I ever attend any atheist gathering :-)


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