ARCHIVE - Security Theater: Border Agents Redux

Archive: Tue Aug 5 16:47:06 2008
Title: Security Theater: Border Agents Redux
Mood: disgusted
Music: A State Of Trance Official Podcast Episode 036-Armin van Buuren
Follow up to my earlier post on Border Agents Gone Wild and the new rules about seizing laptops without warrants.

Here's a post with some more analysis on the issue at hand and wondering if the vague and seemingly open-ended rules now in place can be used to search all internet traffic.

In that sense, it would seem to make little difference if the information is "imported" into the US via a physical laptop or via a VPN, or for that matter by a web connection. The right to search a laptop for information, then, is equivalent to the right to tap any and all international connections, without a warrant or probable cause.

And, of course, its only reasonable that the government gets all VPN keys so it can check up on that information flowing so freely across the border... :-/


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