ARCHIVE - Score one for Edumication

Archive: Thu Aug 14 13:13:27 2008
Title: Score one for Edumication
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Judge says the University of California can deny course credit to high school science courses that don't teach science.

It seems pretty obvious that if a HS science course doesn't actually teach science, then it shouldn't be used to score college prep credits for science, but as usual, some people don't understand that point and sued.

How can a HS science course not actually teach science? Well, when the science course in question insist that the Bible is infallible and use that as a basis to reject common science frameworks like evolution.

UC is not claiming that all Biblically based frameworks are not allowed.

[T]he university has approved many courses containing religious material and viewpoints, including some that use such texts as "Chemistry for Christian Schools" and "Biology: God's Living Creation," or that include scientific discussions of creationism as well as evolution.

UC drew the line at a text from Bob Jones University "Biology for Christian Schools," declares on the first page that "if (scientific) conclusions contradict the Word of God, the conclusions are wrong."

Some more information on the ruling can be found at Panda's Thumb.


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