ARCHIVE - A batch of atheism links

Archive: Mon Sep 1 01:21:13 2008
Title: A batch of atheism links
Mood: tired
I've collected a batch of atheism themed links to entertain:

Leading off is a great retort for the "Atheists are Arrogant" Argument. I've heard the basic idea before, but its still a good one.

Let me get this straight. You think the Creator of the Universe cares personally about your life, and that you know, with absolute certainty, what he wants for all of humankind.

While I think that we're basically alone, not very special, and are just fumbling through our random existence trying to do the best we can.

And I'm the arrogant one?

Then we have "A Right-Winger's Guide to Life's Value".
Amazing how little value they place on so many living things while holding sacrosanct a single fertilized egg.

In the same vein, we have a Florida woman who feels she needs to police the public library and has stolen a sex-ed book "to protect the children". Despite a court order, she says she'd rather go to jail than return the book. She's taken it upon herself to keep parents from using the book as an educational guide to their curious children. Thanks, but I think I can parent without this old lady's help.

To lighten things up a bit is a nice entry "Godless Science vs Religion: Why and How Godless Science is Superior to Religion". Block after block of ways science has made life better and the corresponding reasons religion held us back. Good to know and good ammo.

Finally, there's a new YouTube entry from Edward Current titled "God Only SEEMS Nonexistent". He's building a great collection of damning-with-slight-praise videos and this one keeps up his high standards.


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