ARCHIVE - Followup: Court says US can bar meatpacker from testing for mad-cow

Archive: Tue Sep 2 14:48:19 2008
Title: Followup: Court says US can bar meatpacker from testing for mad-cow
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Followup to an earlier posting wondering just who the FDA works for which I can not find now which is really annoying tho perhaps I just never got around to blogging it in the first place...

Really, what the fuck?? First, we have the FDA telling a company that it can-not test all of its cows for mad-cow. Now a court has agreed that the government can restrict how safe people can be...

I'm usually complaining about how the government over-regulates safety, but here they are telling a company that it has a maximum amount of safety it is allowed to provide???!!!

Come on, I dare anyone to defend this ruling and the initial decision...

The only reason for the original FDA ruling preventing the company from doing all the testing it wants is because then consumers would start wondering why all companies weren't doing more testing and that would cut into the profits of big meatpackers.

The original dispute was purely a bought-and-paid-for decision by political appointees. If we had even a remotely functioning government there would be bribery investigations going on, but unfortunately all we get is more of the same crap while the government does more to support big-business than to protect citizens.


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