ARCHIVE - Letter to my congress-being

Archive: Tue Sep 2 15:01:12 2008
Title: Letter to my congress-being
Mood: annoyed
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Since I didn't include a contribution of $100,000, I don't expect my concerns to get anywhere. But what the hell, might as well complain anyway...

I just was reading a decision by the DC federal court of appeals supporting a FDAUSDA [of course the USDA would deal with this not the FDA like I previously commented... duh!] decision preventing a meat packer company from testing all of its cows for mad-cow.

Why is the FDAUSDA preventing a company from bringing a more-safe product to its customers? Why is it preventing a company from going above-and-beyond what is required by law?

The only reason for the FDAUSDA to prevent a company from doing more than what is asked is because the FDAUSDA is more concerned for the interests of big-business meat packers than they are for the interests of the citizens.

The FDAUSDA can and should provide minimum guidelines for food safety, but "maximum guidelines"???

Perhaps I should "contribute" $100,000 so that my concerns might get heard and not just the concerns of the corporations...


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